Safari Specialists in South Africa: How to Pack for your Safari

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You just booked your dream safari in South Africa. Great! But how do you go about packing? The typical safari lasts anywhere from two weeks to a month, which can easily translate to numerous bags, which do not travel well. Safari specialists are here to help you prepare with tips for packing for success on your ultimate adventure.


Over-packing is perhaps the greatest mistake people make when embarking on a safari vacation. The third pair of binoculars probably won’t be required. A month supply of your favourite candy bars? You may want to rethink that home comfort. The most important thing to remember when packing for a long-term trip is that less is more. If you do not use it in your daily life at home, chances are you will not change your ways while on vacation. It is safe to say you will not be implementing a five-step face wash program while you are away if you do not already do so. Begin by tossing the "just in case” toiletries. These are the items that take up the most room, and are subject to leaking. Take note of how much of the essentials you use in the given time period you will be away and pack accordingly. Just because you are not at home, does not mean you will spontaneously require three times your regular amount of tooth paste. That being said, it is not a bad idea to have some kind of toilet paper or makeshift toilet paper with you…for obvious reasons.


Look into temperatures for day and night, as there can be drastic changes between those times. Layering is the best way to combat this issue. Have a number of comfortable loose fitting t-shirts for hot times in the day, and a few warm layers for the chilly nights. Do make sure you have a waterproof item for when you get caught in the rain. Acknowledge you will be traveling long distances and roughing it in many situations. It is not a fashion show—always go for comfort and practical over flashy and fabulous. It is always a good idea to educate yourself on the cultural norms and expectations of the areas you are visiting when traveling. Out of respect for the people and places you are going to, ensure you dress appropriately to avoid any uncomfortable situations.


Please remember your technology—you will be in some of the most photogenic places on Earth and it would be a travesty to forget to document your time there. How else are you going to make the rest of your friends and family insanely jealous upon your return? That being said, you do not need to pack enough equipment for a Hollywood style photoshoot. Small, compact equipment will serve you best, and a long battery life cannot be underrated.

After talking to your doctor and deciding on the best medications and preventative treatments, you might find you are required to take medication along with you. Pack all your medications in one place, in their original and correct containers with corresponding prescription documents when required. This will not only make it easier for you to find and consume appropriately, but it will also make getting through customs and check points a much more simple process.

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