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When picturing an African safari what do you see? A make shift campground? Bucket showers? Questionable latrines? Mushy slop for food? Well, times have changed. It is now possible to experience all that an African safari has to offer without sacrificing your home comforts. In fact, some safaris are so luxurious, the accommodations compete with five star hotels all around the world. It is possible to have the best of both worlds. Kruger National Park Safaris are one of the leading locations for providing its guests with every luxury available. Below are the top reasons why luxury safaris in Kruger National Park are rated amongst the very best safari lodges and should be the next stop on your adventure bucket list.

The Extensive Wildlife

It could be said the biggest draw toward going on a safari is to experience the incredible wildlife South Africa has to offer. Experiencing animals in the wild is something no zoo can substitute. You never know what you will see, there are no scheduled feedings, no reversed party tricks, and certainly no cages or bars to separate you from the wildlife in its glorious natural habitat. The varieties of species are in the thousands, so make sure you educate yourself on what you might get to see in order to know what to look for while you're there. Kruger National Park has been known to home all animals in The Big Five, which include White and Black Rhinoceros, African ElephantsLions, Cape Buffalo, and Leopards! When night comes the activities do not stop—magnificent sunsets, and stargazing will mesmerize you while the nocturnal animals come out to hunt.

Luxurious Stays

Traditionally, safaris were exclusively offered to those who would "rough it.” This meant that the wildlife and experience seeing the beautiful surrounding and landscapes Africa can offer came with the price of sacrificing a traveller’s comfort, hygiene, and often sanity. Choosing between experiencing an African safari and maintaining a carefree indulgent holiday is no longer an issue. Along with the natural beauty that is sure to take your breath away, there is an unmatched level of luxury that comes with staying at the Kruger National Park. There is no shortage of extravagance when it comes to the lodging options. The park is able to accommodate every type of traveller, whether your are in a small group, family, on a romantic couples getaway, or experiencing all an African safari has to offer solo, there is a place for you here. There are a number of lodges and luxury camps available, as well as pools, multiple restaurants, and friendly staff always available to assist you in making your stay a dream.
Whether you have been dreaming of an African safari for your whole life, or just crave a new adventure vacation spot, a luxury safari in Kruger National Park will never let you down. From the wildlife, landscapes, rich culture, friendly peoples, and magnificent nature, to the ultimate form of pampering and luxurious facilities, you will be blown away. With everything Kruger National Park has to offer, the only thing left to consider is what to pack.

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