What Kruger Safari Packages Can Offer You

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An African safari is the ultimate dream vacation. It encompasses every aspect of adventure, relaxation, and magic that everyone desires. South Africa, and more specifically the Kruger National Park area is one of the most sought after destinations for a real African safari.

Normally, a safari package in South Africa takes a minimum of two weeks and up to a month or more in order for the full experience to be absorbed. Remember, you are not on a trip to the zoo; the animals and sites you are hoping to see are not all in one place and can never be completely guaranteed to be seen at all. In order to get the most out of your African Safari, enlist the help of specialist to ensure you are preparing yourself for a successful trip.


In order to have the best possible safari outcome, it is important to first educate yourself on where you want to go. This decision will be dependent on what you are hoping to see, and the type of accommodation you require. Africa is an enormous continent, not all wildlife, landscapes, and cultures are consistent throughout. Therefore, it is your job to pinpoint what area you crave experiencing most.


South and East Africa are the most popular safari destinations as they offer the most sought after animal sightings and landscapes. From coastlines, to Serengeti sunsets, waterfalls, and the most wild-animals on the face of the planet can be found in these locations. South Africa has approximately 80% of all elephants in Africa, a majestic animal that almost every safari vacationer wants to witness. Kruger National Park is home to 336 tree types, 49 fish species, 34 amphibian species, 114 reptile species, 507 bird species and 147 mammal species. All of this incredible wildlife can be found on the parks’ 2 million hectares. Remember that the more you want to see, the more travel time there will be, so be prepared for long drives. While there may not be many five star city hotels along the way, many safaris can be just as luxurious and enjoyable. Just keep in mind that you are mostly living in the outdoors, and embrace your surroundings.


The prospect of going on a trip far away and seeing new places and things, while meeting new people is incredibly exciting. There is nothing worse than not preparing correctly and it resulting in you becoming ill or not enjoying your experience. Do your research on the areas you will be visiting. What type of allergies do you have, and will they impact you in any away? What insects are hanging around in the area at the time of your trip? What kind of medication do you require before, during, and after your safari?


If your South Africa adventure includes a safari, you will require malaria pills. You do not require a Yellow Fever vaccination unless you are entering South Africa from a country where Yellow Fever is endemic. We recommend you consult with your doctor regarding any other medications you might require based on your medical history.

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