Escorted Holidays in South Africa: The World’s Top Destination

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See the Best South Africa Has to Offer

South Africa continues to make top ten lists as a travel destination. Located where two oceans meet -- the Indian and the Atlantic -- and replete with stunning geography and its famous biodiversity, the best this "Rainbow Nation” has to offer is available through escorted holidays to South Africa.


Thinking of a safari? Then think of South Africa. The bushveld, a word combining "bush” for its savanna and "veld” meaning open country, is where creatures great and small live in their natural habitat. Much of the bushveld is in the northern region of South Africa, where Kruger National Park has over 7,500 miles of protected lands. Several hours from the bustle of South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, it is amazing to go from the noise of city life to the solemn calls of nature’s great multiplicity. City lights are replaced by the blinking of African stars up in the wide night sky.

The famous "Big Five” animals can be found at Kruger National Park. An escorted holiday means getting the escorted guidance of an expert tracker to safely spy upon African lions, elephants, cape buffalo, and rhinoceros. Sightings of the fifth of the Big Five, the stealthy and solitary nocturnal African leopard, are rare and thus the more special.


Cape Town


Bordered by gorgeous coastline and flanked by its iconic Table Mountain, this second largest city in South Africa can easily rest on its vistas alone. But it doesn’t. The city has something for everyone on holiday. Nature lovers can visit the wondrous botanical gardens, aquariums and bird parks. Those keen on world history can be witness to places where democratic reform was forged, such as Robben Island, where the late Nelson Mandela was jailed for many years prior to becoming the first black president of South Africa.


Cape Town’s original founding as a port city is seen not only in the preserved architecture at The Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront, but also in the variety of cuisines and spices incorporated into South African cuisine, deliciously influenced by trade with countries such as Portugal, France, India and of course Africa itself. No wonder Cape Town is becoming quickly famous as a food destination.


South Africa’s Winelands


Just 30 minutes outside of Cape Town you enter South Africa’s Winelands. It’s a bit of a misnomer when you hear South Africa possessing "New World” wines, as grapes have been growing here for over 400 years! In fact, much of the Winelands were originated by the "Old World”: the arrival of French Huguenot families. South Africa is perhaps best known for its pinotage (red) and chenin blanc (white) wines. But it is also gaining prestige for the quality of its high-end offerings.


Different microclimates in South Africa denote the kinds of varietals -- grape varieties -- grown. The hilly Stellenbosch region facing the sea is known for deeply flavoured reds. Another wine district, Franschhoek, with its valley vistas, produces the gamut of wines, from Chardonnays to Cabernets and its own sparkling wine called Cape Classique.


A Warm Welcome


Of course, visiting South Africa isn’t complete without its famous hospitality. All-inclusive packages ensure a comfortable and complete vacation that touches upon all the senses, making escorted holidays to South Africa unforgettable.

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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