Why South Africa?

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BEA sent an email to my university about their program and the university forwarded a mass email to all of the students. I am one of the few students who actually reads their email so upon reading, I became super excited because it had always been one of my dreams to go to Africa. Ever since I was younger I would always talk about going to Africa with my mom since the Lion King was my favorite movie. She did that thing that most parents do and just looked at me and smiled and thought I was crazy. Ha!


So I did some research. I was not about to just jump into something without knowing whether or not it was legit. I came across the BEA website and read the bios of past students and all the wonderful things they were able to experience with the program and something inside just told me, “This is it Sam. This is your time to live your dreams.” So I went for it. I believe God gives you your heart’s desires and Africa was this mysterious and wild place that has always fascinated me.

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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