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South Africans are generally laid back when it comes to clothing, so there is no need to haul out your best silks and diamonds when heading for our shores, unless you're attending a very prestigious event.


  1. For summer, bring clothes that are cool, light and comfortable because summer temperatures can get well into the 30 degree range in some areas.
  2. Also bring an umbrella or raincoat during summer as this is when most of the country gets its rain. In areas like Gauteng and the Northwest Province, thunder showers are common. A light jacket or wrap is a good precaution. Don't forget a bathing suit.
  3. The winters are generally mild, comparing favorably with European summers.  But we do get some days when temperatures dive, especially in high-lying areas such as the Drakensberg, so be prepared with jerseys and jackets. Cape Town gets its rain during the winter season so it’s advisable to bring rain gear along.
  4. Always bring a hat, sunglasses and sunblock as the sun can be strong even in the winter months.
  5. Walking shoes are a good idea all year-round, with warm socks in the winter.
  6. If you are doing business in the country, business attire (suit and tie) is generally called for in the corporate sector, but media, for example, generally dress more casually.
  7. For game viewing, neutral-toned items are advised, but there's no need to go overboard. A good pair of walking shoes is also advisable.
  8. For the evening, if you are dining at an upscale restaurant or seeing a show, smart-casual attire is recommended.
  9. Leave some room in your suitcase for South African clothing. Information on local designers can be found on the internet.  Look out for local labels like Hip Hop, Stoned Cherrie, Maya Prass, Eboka and more.


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I didn't know it could be so sunny during the winter. Thanks for this information.

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