What should I pack for my safari in South Africa?

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Please note that these are just suggestions and depending on the month/season traveling. Warmer clothes are required for traveling in June/July/August.


People often ask us what they should bring with them when traveling to South Africa. Through our own and previous guests experiences we have compiled a list of those items we have found to be useful and necessary:

  • 1-2 pairs of smart-casual trousers
  • 2-3 pairs of shorts
  • 4 Shirts and/or T-shirts (any combination)
  • 1 light cotton sundress for the ladies
  • 1 pair of walking/hiking/running shoes (i.e., must be a closed shoe for the bushveld)
  • 1 pair of sandals, crocks, or similar (do NOT wear in the bushveld)
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Mosquito repellent (With DEET if possible). Otherwise, you can purchase at the resort.
  • Light Jacket / cardigan for the evenings (depending on the season of travel)

Our warmer months are from the end of September to April with the hottest period from November to February.  One should expect rain storms or drizzle on any of these days.  It hardly ever rains continually though and generally the rain storms last for only an hour or so.  We provide rainproof ponchos for guest to use on the vehicles during game drives and there are sufficient umbrellas for guest to use at the lodges.


Our winter is from June to August with the coldest period being towards the end of June and July. We provide fleece blankets for guests to use on the vehicles during game drives.

Additional Packing Guidelines

• It may at times be very cold during the early morning and during the evening safari.  A warm fleece jacket, a fleece scarf and a warm hat will be needed.  A warm pair of gloves may also be an added advantage. You may also want to bring a warm track suite to wear instead of a dress or light trousers.


• Try to keep the colors of your clothing as neutral as possible in order to blend in with the environment.  Khaki colors and browns or greens are generally the best. Darker colors and colors that are very bright tend to attract unwanted insects such as mosquitoes and other bug type visitors.


• You should bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes for use during bush walks or when off the game drive vehicle and a pair of sandals or flip-flops to wear around the lodge.


• Meal times are generally informal, so it is not necessary to dress up in formal clothing for dinner.


• If you wear prescriptions eye glasses or contact lenses it may be an idea to bring a spare pair in case yours get mislaid or broken.  Also ensure that you have sufficient lens cleaning lotion as the outdoor environment may at times become extremely dusty which could require frequent cleaning.


• Our electricity works on a 220 volt alternating current system. Wall plug units take a round pin 15 Amp plug.  It is advisable to bring the necessary converter or adapter from your country should you want to charge anything or use your own electrical appliances on our electrical supply systems anywhere in South Africa.


• You should also bring a video or digital camera, a good pair of binoculars, enough memory cards for your camera (or film for those who still prefer to use film) and your plug and charger for the camera equipment.


• Should you want to send emails or photos home to friends or family you should bring your laptop or mobile device. You can earn points for free WiFi by posting your adventures on this site.


• Cellular phones work most places in the country. Upon your arrival in South Africa, we will provde you with a local cell  phone whilst you are on tour with us. It is important to know that data in South Africa is expensive, and your North America cell phone should have the data turned off.


• All our rooms are supplied with basic amenities such as soap, shampoo and body lotions.  You may however want to bring your own favorite items with you as well.


• Not all lodges have laundry service available.


• Just a reminder, that it is important to know that not all curios purchased in South Africa may be imported to North America. For example, wood, animal products, shells, etc. often need clearance documentation.


• Please travel with minimal luggage.  We suggest using only ONE suitcase if possible as inter-land airlines baggage restrictions are less weight than international flights.


• Remember to bring your malaria prophylaxis medication with you if you are traveling to the Kruger National Park region.


Please note we strongly suggest you take malaria medication

Please speak with your local travel clinic for all updated information

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