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Having recently returned from safari, Judith is writing a series of Facebook posts... here is one of the first:
Well, so much to tell about the trip to Africa. Cannot say enough, as EVERYTHING was wonderful, From the time we met our pickup, Pedro to our guide BAKKIES and beyond our expectations. Thank you Go Touch Down Travel & Tours, this was a trip of my lifetime and you let it happen for me. It was a long time coming and lived up to every single thing, The picking us up at the airport, to anything we wanted down to the nitty gritty. NO stress from being 12, 000 miles away from home. I have over 2000 photos and will try sharing as much as I can but will be having an event to come see the photos, and relax somewhere. that is something yet to come. 
I did miss my furbabies and all my friends that gave me every kind of support along the way ! I truly was the trip I wished for. 
I know I sound like a commercial but go book a trip with Dawn Santillo at GO TOUCH DOWN TRAVEL, in SARASOTA. I am resting for a few days, but will be posting SOME along the way, but Id like to tell a story and that may take a bit of time. 
Home, safe and sound and Emirates, is the way to fly!!! 
Talk soon, !!!  
This photo is to keep you curious 

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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