Thank you for changing my life

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Thank you for changing my life

(These ladies took the time to outline their trip for us. Kind of feels like you are right there along with them...)


Hi Heibrie,


Go Touch sent me a survey which I completed  and submitted  but I did want to give you feedback in a narrative sense, as I had promised.  The sentiment “South Africa will touch your heart.” pretty much sums up our experience.  I am finding it difficult to articulate the many “Wow” moments that we had on this trip.  To help organize my thoughts I’ve broken the trip down into 3 sections.


Pre Trip

From the moment we saw your presentation in Oakville we were hooked.  This was going to be a “class act”.  That was the feeling.  We had a lovely lunch provided while we heard about the details of our trip to S.A.  So very civilized.


Throughout the lead-up to the trip your company kept us informed, fielded our questions and concerns and always got back to us in a timely fashion.  The trip information package arrived in a timely manner and helped us to organize ourselves in preparation for departure.

Kudos to the entire staff who went out of their way to be personable, accommodating and professional.


Well, there is no getting around it – that flight is a difficult one.  Everything went well but it is a VERY long flight.  If I do it again, I would plan on flying to North Africa and stay for a few days and then take the second part of the flight to Cape Town.  As it was, we went 2 days early and that was great.  It helped with the time change.  It might be something for future travellers with you, to think about.  I wish to thank you for providing transportation from the Three Cities Mandela Rhodes hotel to the Burgundy Apartments.


The trip

Cape Town

Having 16 of us presented some logistical issues for your company, I’m certain.  Our 3 guides – Kobus, J.P. and Jonathan met us at the hotel, brought an extra trailer along for our luggage and were prompt and welcoming.

These 3 gentlemen were awesome.  We loved them all and tried to get into different vans to get to know them better.  They did everything to make our journey so very special.


The Burgundy Apartments were well-appointed and it was very nice to have a welcome cheese platter and red and white wines.  A nice touch!

Due to the size of our group the guides did change the itinerary based on local situations on the ground.  They would continually say that we would see everything but in a different sequence.


The activities were great, the scenery was stunning and we enjoyed every minute of this leg of our journey.


Food on a vacation is a very big part of a trip, for me and I was delighted to experience a variety of restaurants and the 5 star quality was outstanding.  We were disappointed that the lunch on Table Mountain was cancelled.  I would like to have experienced that.  The reason given was that our group was too large.  Indeed, on a number of occasions it took a very long time to get our meals served.  Consequently, this meant 3 hour lunches and dinners and I know that this put us behind in our schedule.  I would therefore suggest that when there is a large group like ours perhaps a couple of times the lunches could have been a quick fast-food stop.  I know our group would not have minded a small bite to eat at lunch when we had had a large breakfast and then were going out for another large meal at supper.  Perhaps it was because we were all women and generally don[‘t eat one big meal after another.  I recognize that we could have just ordered soup or salad but it still took a long time to get us all served.  We would often say to our guides that we didn’t need to sit together and that we were fine sitting at tables of 4.  Those are just a few suggestions.


That being said, I loved that we had a great variety – African, de Grendel winery- it was all quite exquisite.


It was a very busy week and our guides showed great patience in “herding we cats”.  They were always on time, cheery, willing to help us with anything and we enjoyed every single moment.


I loved going to Robben Island but many of us felt very rushed.  We had little time to read the stories in the cells.  It was such a mind blowing experience to be at that World Heritage Site.  A constructive thought would be to build in more time for the tourists to wander and get a sense of the prison.


It was also important to experience the townships particularly Langa.  Getting to see how people live, getting to interact with pre-school kids.....what a great experience.  We thank you for having knowledgeable guides and the lunch at Sheila’s was unexpected and wonderful.


I loved the penguins, the seal colony, lunch in Hermanus, Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope.  I was sorry that we didn’t get to see where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge.  The wineries and wine tasting were fabulous along with the gardens replete with bird of paradise and other plants that we just don’t see in North America.  What a treat!


Dunkeld was so different but absolutely gorgeous.  Having a fireplace lit for you in your room so that it was warm and cozy when you returned after dinner – well, that was absolutely wonderful.  I’m glad that we got to experience the opening of 1863.  Having our group picture taken and being the first to be served at the restaurant was a special treat.  The barbeque (braii?) on our final night at Dunkeld was wonderful.  The beer and wine, the glittering white lights the local dancers who was all great!


The guides – Bakis, Thabo and Pedro were all great and went out of their way to make our visit and our trips so great.


One night I was ill and didn’t get to dinner.  It says a whole lot about the staff at Dunkeld, in particular the manager who personally delivered some food to my room.  That was so thoughtful and just another exemplary form of service to your guests.


As well, we were allowed to leave some of our luggage there as we went on to Kapama.  That was a nice feature.


Kapama and the Safaris

What a privilege to have experienced this beautiful Lodge.  It was so elegant and in complete harmony with the environment.  I loved every minute of it.  Our guides and trackers were superb.  I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled we were to see a leopard at a small watering hole, a baby giraffe drinking at the watering hole, a female elephant passing by me so closely that I could have touched her with my elbow, a mother lion and her 3 cubs coming across the field and then watching them as they joined “Daddy” who was completely full from a kill the night before.  The information that we got from the guides was excellent and I loved stopping for tea, beer, wine, et al as the sun set in Africa.  How utterly charming and what a great experience.  We saw the Big 5 – twice!


The food was excellent.  The lodge was superb.  I didn’t want to leave.  I think that says it all, basically.


Back to Dunkeld for an overnight.  If I were to criticize any aspect it was this. We seemed to just unpack and then we had to pack up again to head to seasons.  Perhaps we could have just gone from Kapama and spent 2 days at Seasons?  I’m not sure what the rationale was for this – perhaps a shortened ride to the airport from Seasons.....I’m not sure.  It just felt very rushed.  Perhaps you could enlighten me.


Heibrie – what a wonderful country you hail from!  I loved the people, the culture, the food, the wine, the history, the, it just kept getting better and better.  Just when we thought we had our final “Wow” moment....along came the next one.


Thank you for changing my life.  This trip was at the top of our bucket list and , we are so very blessed to have experienced South Africa and be treated so royally.  We have travelled a lot.  This trip now goes to the top of our list.


We are certainly sharing all of this positive experience with friends and family and would highly recommend your company to anyone.


I think that I am still not over the experience.  It was awe-inspiring. 

Thank you for everything.  Please feel free to use any quotes in your literature or future communications.

Perhaps we will take another trip with your company.  You never know what life will deal you.


Warm regards,

Marlene White and Brenda Lisson

Level 2 (XP: 200)
Getting ready for trip 2017, Glad to read your experience info.

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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