Summer Camp-South Africa Trip

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Summer Camp-South Africa Trip
If I were speaking to other students interested in being a part of BEA I would tell them these three things: first, I would instruct them to step out of their comfort zones and allow themselves to feel something new and different. The South Africa experience with BEA was filled with unique and unexpected moments. I think that the most memorable moment in which I had to step out of my comfort zone ​is when I danced with a group of boys and girls that performed a special tribal dance. ​Secondly, network with others. On my way to South Africa, I met a South African that explained what growing up in South Africa was like and what he chose to do after finishing high school. Interesting enough, he toured Europe and decided to immerse himself in many of the different European cultures. My third piece of advice would be to take your experience and share it with others.
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Wonderful advice, as for someone who's looking into volunteer trips in South Africa. Definitely helpful in my planning towards my trip!

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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