South African Wine I recommend

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South African Wine I recommend
I was born in South Africa and for the past 28 yrs, as a Travel Specialist, I have been introducing people from all over the globe to the Adventure Capital of the World (South Africa). Wine is often a talking point. Travelers asks me, "where can I find some of the favorite wines we tasted on the tour?" So here is a quick note:
One of my recommendations is Neethlingshof Pinotage. The Pinotage variety is unique to South Africa, and once you taste it, you will fall in love... Guess what?: Total Wines in the USA carries it for less than $15 (trust me... its fabulous).
*The Neethlingshof Pinotage flows with an intense ruby red colour into the glass. Rich aromas of ripe banana and plum as well as notes of cinnamon rise into the gourmet’s nose. These aromas continue on the palate; intense berry nuances perfect the taste adventure. This wine ends with a great balance between strong tannins and fruity notes. Enjoy it on its own, or combine it with cheese boards or savoury dishes with dark meat!
Did you know?: South African wine has the lowest amount of sulfates (and that's a Fact), and as we know sulfites trigger allergies. Often travelers tell me that they do'nt get the headaches that are often triggered by other local wines in North America. Now you know why...

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