South African Safari Tour for families

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Hi Team,
I was wanting to take my family along for one of the South African adventure Safari Tours. Are there different options to accommodate for families or are safari tours strictly for adults or couples? 


By Go Touch Down Travel and Tours
Yes, the Safari Adventure tours are family orientated. However, for the safety of children, we request that no child under the age of 6 ride on the safari vehicles. 
If you would like any more details or information about our South African Safari Tours please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Go Touch Down Travel and Tours
last year
You're Welcome, feel free to ask us more questions at any time.
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last year
Thanks for the informative response!
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2 years ago
I am looking for more info on South African Safari tours and I came across this website. Personally, I think I want to go on a Safari tour solo simply because I want to take many photos, hopefully of the big 5 so taking my family along would not be an option for me. It's good to know however, that it can be a family friendly experience for those looking for a different family vacation option.

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