South African Food You Should Try

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South Africa is known to have many different kinds of food. There is a very large variety of cuisines that attracts people from all over the world.
Cape Dutch 
Cape Dutch is a very popular South African cuisine.This mainly consists of different spices such as allspice, chili peppers, and nutmeg. One famous dish is called Bobotie. It is made of spiced minced meat with eggs. This type of dish is hard to find in other countries, so it's definitely worth trying when coming to South Africa.
Indian Cooking 
Another famous type of cooking in South Africa is Indian food. This may come as somewhat of surprise, as India is a completely different country. However, many South Africans enjoy Curries, Chutney, Samosas, among other popular Indian foods.
Perhaps the most important beverage in South America is Beer, as it has been a part of South African culture for hundreds of years. However, another beverage that is very common is milk. Many different kinds of milk are available such as sour milk, sour cream, among others. 

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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