Safari in South Africa - A Wonderful Experience

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Safari in South Africa - A Wonderful Experience

(Fun feedack from Patty and Eber Brown...)


Hi Angie,


We want to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to South Africa, so much so that I would love to go to safari again! The country is beautiful and offered many surprises. One of the highlights of the trip was meeting so many truly lovely people dealing with adverse situations but moving forward with a positive outlook for the future... Your staff in Africa are exceptional, they work very hard to accommodate the wants of six people some requesting things not on the program, and they do it with a smile.


Our group (all turned out to be delightful and easy going) saw all of the" big five". We were delighted. The numbers of animals we encountered was amazing! My thoughts prior to the trip was that we might see a few but there were so MANY! Exciting every safari.


I can't conclude without mention of the food. Goodness did we eat well, too well perhaps and the wardrobe was a bit snugger on the return home. Thanks for the wonderful experience!


The Browns


Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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