Is there Wi-Fi available in Cape Town and on Safari?

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Is there Wi-Fi available in Cape Town and on Safari?

Wi-Fi is available at all of our resorts. Internet speed in South Africa compared with internet speed in USA/Canada is significantly slower. You might therefore find downloading and uploading of information such as photos and e-mails to be significantly slower than what you experience in the USA/Canada.


As you know, upon arrival in South Africa, you will receive a cellular phone that can be used to make local calls in South Africa.  This gives you the ability to stay connected with your driver and guide as well as our operational team in South Africa.  The cellular phone can also receive international calls, meaning you can give the cellular number to family and friends in the USA/Canada and they will be able to contact you on the cellular phone. The cellular phone can also send and receive international text messages.  Please make sure that your South Africa cellular phone is fully charged, on and carried with you at all times.


We do not recommend using data on your USA/Canada phone while roaming in South Africa.  If you intend to do so, please contact your carrier to activate and for pricing. We do suggest that you arrange roaming for your USA/Canada phone prior to departing for South Africa.  This is for emergencies only and will generally not incur additional charges UNLESS you dial or receive international calls.  Confirm the charges and details with your carrier prior to departure. Doing this will allow you to contact our operational team in South Africa in case of an emergency upon your arrival in South Africa, prior to receiving your South African cellular phone.  We suggest you load the following contact names and numbers for our operational team in South Africa on your USA/Canada phone:


Jospeh Nkiwane (Airport pick-up and host) 01127-84-881-8708

James Tshabalala (Airport pick-up and host) 01127-83-313-2222

Anisa Laher (Operational Manager) 01127-71-677-8735

Rudolph Odendaal (Assistant Operational Manager) 01127-82-577-0978

Mandy Venter (Communications Liaison Manager) 01127-71-165-4067


We have recently launched a trial project by installing Wi-Fi in some of our tour vehicles. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will have access in your allocated vehicle at the time of travel.  If your vehicle is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can access the system by sharing highlights of your journey on our website.  As you share details of your trip on our website, you will earn credits that will allow you to access the free Wi-Fi in our vehicles. Your guide and driver will have more information, but we do suggest that you sign up for our program prior to departing to facilitate the process.
Go to to create an account and upload your photos, videos and comments. For each post you create you will earn 10 points (100 MB) of free internet access to go anywhere else online such as email or Facebook. You can earn up to 500 MB per tour.


Your earned Wi-Fi transfers between vehicles and tours. So if you don’t use all of the 500 MB you earned in Cape Town, the unused portion will be available to you on Safari, should your vehicle be equipped with Wi-Fi, and vice versa. Should you require Wi-Fi beyond the amount of your earnings, you may purchase it while in any of our vehicles that are equipped for Wi-Fi.


Here is a quick-start guide for setting up your account on your mobile device:

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