I know I can

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I know I can

What was the biggest "a-ha moment" that you learned about yourself or your place in the worldhttp://t.yesware.com/t/887bbd87f75a3e8e20856d3e2aa36a607d64fe00/58c75439887e333b422b1facacc24c60/spacer.gif by going on this trip? What things in your daily life trigger memories or comparisons (or contrasts) to South Africa?

In the past I've had troubles realizing the worth in myself and in my efforts to succeed. But, when It was 11pm at night and I found my self standing at a resort in Songivelo, in South Africa, starring at the Milky way up in the sky, I knew my worth. I knew that I'll succeed in life because I will never stop working to improve, to experience things I never thought I would and to discover the joy in life in addition to the beauty of this world. 
When I find my self questioning what I'm capable of, I remember standing on that resort and staring at the majestic sight that is the Milky Way, 

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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