How much cash should I take / are there ATM's in South Africa?

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We recommend taking $300 - $500, which is approximately 4,200 - 7,000 rand (ZAR), the currency of South Africa.  The exchange rate between the rand and the US dollar is at an all time high, currently fluctuating from 12:1 to 17:1. This is great news for our North American travelers!


We also recommend that you exchange your dollars for rand upon your arrival at the airport in Johannesburg. Should you need to exchange more during your trip, your guide will suggest the best place to do so.

ATMs are plentiful in South Africa, especially in Cape Town. Be sure to advise your bank of the dates of your international travel before you leave home. We recommend that you make a photocopy of the front and back of your ATM and credit cards to leave behind with someone at home, just in case your cards are lost or stolen.
Please note that when you travel with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours on our promotional tours, we include the tipping at restaurants. For restaurants and bars 10% to 15% is the accepted tipping standard for any meals or drinks other than those included in our promotional tours. However, tipping your driver/guide is not included and although not expected, it is appreciated should you decide to tip them at the end of your tour. The guideline is R100-120 ($10-12) per person per day. (The guides at Kapama and Humala Game Reserves should be tipped separately).
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