Every Part of Our Journey was a Gift

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I have been very remiss in not sending this MUCH earlier.  We returned from our trip April 19th and here it is June 5th already.  I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful experience.  Our time in Cape Town was great and our tour guide, Jonathan, was the best.  We were sorry to leave him.  I am sure he was anxious to leave us.  LOL.  The other four in our group were also a delight.  We felt very blessed to have had such fun companions.  I can say that Jonathan had a great deal to do with helping us all to interact and feeling comfortable with one another.  All of our meals were full of conversation and one would have thought we had chosen to travel together. 


The safari was also a very exciting experience.  We "lost" three of our original group but picked up three just as delightful people to join us at Humala.  The accommodations were very unexpected being so comfortable and well appointed for a "tent".  The food was also a surprise being in the middle of nowhere and so good.  The morning and afternoon game drives were special and even if we did not see animals (we saw so many), just being in a remote place was an experience not to be missed.  Jerry was the one who wanted to do the safari and I ended up loving the whole time.  So glad he "made" me go!


Victoria Falls was just beautiful and the hotel was amazing.  I felt as if I were at a club during the colonial period with the British.  We had the great good fortune to experience that with two of our safari group who also went to Victoria Falls.  We met such great people on all parts of our tour we hated to go our separate ways.


Madagascar was an eye opener.  The roads outside of the cities were horrendous, but fun in a strange way.  All of the people that we interacted with were wonderful.  Our tour guide and driver for the first part at the Mandrare river camp were so nice.  Franklin, our tour guide, was perfect and we enjoyed every minute we spent with him.  Our walks through the forests looking for lemurs and other animals were very productive.  Our tent was more primitive than Humala but still surprisingly very comfortable.  Once again, the food was delicious and the communal meals were filled with conversation.  The drive to our next camp on the Indian Ocean was adventurous but I am so glad we chose to do that rather than fly.  We saw so much of the country side that would have been missed.  Our cabin at Manifiafi was spectacular and I could have stayed there much longer.  It was truly magical.  Swimming and snorkeling in the blue Indian Ocean on a secluded beach with no one else was something I will not soon forget.  Our tour guide, Ernest, was a delight and we were sorry we had such a short time with him.   


Every part of our journey was a gift and we are so glad you made it all come to life.  Thank you for giving us such a different travel experience.


Steve F. and Jerry S.

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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