Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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“A kiss on the cheek may be quite continental…” Most of us remember this song from the movie classic, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Truth is, our fascination with the allure of diamonds began long before these lyrics were penned.  

Over the centuries, diamonds have been associated with romance and legend and have developed unique status as the ultimate gift of love. It was said that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with magic diamonds. The Greeks believed the fire in the diamond reflected the constant flame of love. In 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, the diamond engagement ring was introduced. At that time diamonds were believed to have the power to enhance the love of a husband for a wife. Placing the ring on the third finger of the left hand dates back to the early Egyptian belief that the vein of love runs directly from the heart to the tip of the third finger.

Beneath the surface of South Africa’s incredibly varied landscape lies the richest mineral treasure trove to have ever been discovered in a confined region. Almost every precious stone, metal and mineral known to humans has been found here in deposits varying from mere traces to quantities of unparalleled value. Of these, the diamond is perhaps the most synonymous with South Africa.


The story of diamonds in South Africa begins in the late 1800’s when 15-year-old Erasmus Jacobs found a transparent rock on his father’s farm. The “rock” turned out to be a 21.24 carat diamond, the most important in the history of South Africa. Over the next few years, South Africa yielded more diamonds than India had in over 2,000 years. Today South Africa is one of the highest quality diamond producers in the world.



In 1967, Tanzanite was discovered and was dubbed “the gemstone of the 20th century”. Found only in Tanzania in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, this extraordinary gem is a thousand times rarer than a diamond. And while tanzanite prices remain good in South Africa, its value worldwide continues to rise, making it an excellent investment stone.


No visit here would complete without viewing these sparkling South African gems. Pair their brilliance some bubbly and experience a bit of heaven on earth. The tour takes place on Day 2 of your Cape Town Experience.

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