Creatures of the Night

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Predators are truly the kings of the South African bush, especially after the African sun slips behind the bushveld. Wild carnivores that hunt their prey, each type of predator has a unique and creative mode of pursuit.


For example, Cheetahs fiercely chase their prey with great determination, running at nearly 70 miles an hour, whereas Servals sneak up with all the silence and stealth of a hungry cat… and then, surprise! They pounce upon their prey.


Lions will make a kill once in every four attempts, and mainly control the numbers of zebra and buffalo. The largest predator that survives outside conservation areas is the elusive Leopard. Extremely adaptable, Leopards and live in semi-deserts, forests, marshes and woodlands. They will eat just about anything, from termites to beetles to giraffe and wildebeest.


The most successful predators are the smaller carnivores, such as Genets, Civets and Bat-Eared Foxes, all found throughout South Africa. Some, like the Caracal, Aardvark and Mongoose, are known to live just a few miles from towns and cities.


There are more night predators in South Africa than you might think. Chances are terrific that you will spot many of them on safari with Go Touch Down.

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