BEA found me

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 One day I was conducting interviews for my senior research  and email from the study abroad office sent me an email on behalf of BEA. In my mind I was already in the process of graduating, so there was no way I would be granted the opportunity to study abroad.  I actually deleted the email. After a few days I began thinking about vacationing; this was going to serve as a graduation gift to myself. I searched my mailbox to retrieve the e-mail. I then realized BEA was not only tailored to college students.
I began researching the company; I found all positive feedback about the company and people's traveling experiences. I've always dreamed of traveling around Africa and I have a ton of friends that studied abroad in Cape Town. After hearing about their experiences and continuously researching BEA, I was sold on the program. As you can see BEA pretty much found me because I wasn't really thinking about a life changing experience, I was more so thinking about vacationing on a beach. 

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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