Some Cape Town Tour Packages Are a Cut Above the Rest

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Whether it’s visiting major tourist attractions or going off the beaten path, using a travel provider with a particular speciality in South Africa is the first step towards realizing your dream vacation. While all-inclusive tours are readily available, some Cape Town Tour Packages are a cut above the rest.


In Touch, Here and Abroad


For those living in the Eastern Standard Time Zone in the U.S.A. or Canada, Cape Town is seven hours ahead, meaning our midnight is lunch time there. Sure, we can email travel offices or set our alarms to call long-distance. But for immediacy of response time and, even better, speaking to someone on the phone or face-to-face, consider a travel provider with offices in North America and toll free lines. Some travel providers even offer information nights that highlight aspects of travel to the "Mother City”, such as wines, cuisine, crafts and wildlife.


How about when you’re in South Africa itself? A travel provider with true roots in the country will have a South Africa-based office. You won’t have to worry about bringing your own cell phone and incurring expensive roaming charges when your tour operator provides you with your own personal cell phone. That way you can stay in touch with your guide as well as other members of your tour group.


Tour Size


Tour packages typically include everything except the flight. Accommodations, meals and ground transportation to/from excursions are the norm in an all-inclusive. But look for some added touches that will truly make your vacation stress-free, including:

  • A representative meeting you right at the airport and escorting you to your hotel to get settled in
  • Professional courtesy from informative English speaking guides who are available and accessible 24/7
  • Group size per vehicle that does not exceed 6
  • No single supplement for those who choose to travel alone and wish her or his own room
  • A well-planned itinerary, provided in advance, that brings you the top attractions in Cape Town at a pace that does each site justice
  • Wine and cuisine representative of the diversity and hospitality Cape Town has to offer
  • Opportunities to see and buy indigenous crafts and handmade goods and speak with the artisans

More to See and Experience

Seek a travel provider whose Cape Town tour packages depart regularly all year round. Cape Town tour packages usually start at one week, but you may want to add another week or two to your vacation, such as a safari tour to see Africa’s great animals, a tasting tour of some of South Africa’s most esteemed wineries, or a precious gemstone tour that unearths the treasures of South Africa’s mining past.


Don’t Settle for Less


Many say that going to Africa is on their "bucket list”. Ensure that your trip does more than meet expectations -- exceed them! Does the travel operator offer the budget basics or bring Cape Town to you on a plate? Look for what a travel provider offers when choosing Cape Town tour packages.

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