All-Inclusive Cape Town Holiday Packages Aren’t Just for Novice Travellers

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All Inclusive Cape Town Holiday Packages Aren’t Just for Novice Travellers


Tastes in travel are not dissimilar to our life stages. As high school graduates, the spirit of adventure takes us backpacking and staying in cheap and not particularly clean or cheerful hostels. As post-college adults establishing ourselves in our first jobs, limited budgets mean organizing self-directed low budget itineraries. And upon arrival, feeling already tired and jet-lagged from a long flight, navigating a cab ride to search for barely adequate accommodations and meals doesn’t start our vacation on a happy note.


Now that we’re older and mature and want to spend more time enjoying and less time second-guessing, holiday packages can provide the best way to fulfill our well-deserved and hard-earned vacation time.


Cape Town: "The Mother City”


Speculation abounds as to how Cape Town got its moniker, "The Mother City”. Some say it’s because Cape Town is the first true metropolis of South Africa. Others say it’s because of its vast breadth of culture, history and iconic geography that welcomes everyone home, hence the affectionate "mother”. There is no doubt that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places to visit, with an infinite selection of sights, sounds and sensations. A holiday package provides the all-inclusive guided highlights and excursions of this singular city.


Magnificent Flora and Fauna

You don’t have to venture into the safari lands and game reserves of South Africa to experience nature’s variety. Right in the city of Cape Town are habitats and conservation areas dedicated to wondrous plant and wildlife from the region, including:


Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens: With 528 hectares of walks and trails as well as greenhouses, observatories, ponds and of course the forests and geological features of adjacent Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens has over 7,000 plant species organized by habitat as well as "themes” such as fragrance, medicinal and water-conserving. Speaking of conservation, you can also find rare critically-endangered plants here. 


Wheelchair-accessible routes are clearly mapped out.


World of Birds: Exactly as it sounds, World of Birds is the largest bird park and sanctuary in Africa. A hundred plus aviaries are where you can see large flightless ostrich as well as raptors such as eagles and owls and brightly feathered flamingos and parrots. Rehabilitation for injured birds and a breeding program for endangered species are part of World of Birds’ mandate.

Hermanus: This seaside town, about an hour’s drive from Cape Town, is the best place in the world to whale watch from the land. Check with your travel provider as humpback whales typically migrate during South Africa’s winter, although cheerful dolphin pods are there year-round.

Many people assume that penguins only live in icy Antarctica. But in fact, penguins are exclusive to the southern hemisphere and can be seen frolicking on the beaches of South Africa.


Touch Down and Immediately Start Travelling


Working with a travel provider doesn’t limit your choices. Some offer itineraries customized to your interests and vacation objectives when visiting Cape Town, such as focusing on South African wines, music/culture and even the precious gems trade. Seasoned travellers will find the same benefits as novice travellers when opting for all-inclusive Cape Town holiday packages.

Cape Town


Kruger National Park

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