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All inclusive Safari Vacations Equal Comfort, Scenery and Specialization


From sunrise to sunset, different sights abound in the wilds of South Africa, from a mob of foot-tall meerkats all standing on alert to drink in the heat of the rising sun, to nocturnal wildcats out on the hunt. Did you know the meerkat’s tummy absorbs heat for warmth after a night in their burrow?


For many, an African safari is in the top ten for dream vacations and a way to experience something unique. But multiple hours spent researching lodges, tour guides and vehicle rentals can be overwhelming in this unfamiliar territory. How do I get from the international airport to Kruger National Park? Can the restaurant accommodate my food sensitivities? What routes and which guides will provide me with the best and informative views of wildlife and nature? Will the hotel or lodge offer me an authentic environment and South African hospitality?


Coming to a decision about all such details can make travel preparations less about a vacation and more about hoping with fingers crossed that you made the right choices. By capitalizing on an all inclusive safari vacation from a top travel provider with true knowledge of the region, you can appreciate extra steps are taken to ensure:




Travelling on your own? Being in a small group can afford you more options than going in solo, as well as camaraderie with others with the same passion for a safari experience. "All inclusive” doesn’t just refer to all the costs associated with being met and greeted at the airport, ground transportation, meals, accommodations, guides, drivers and excursions. Inclusivity from a considerate travel provider should also mean that single travellers don’t have to pay an extra "single supplement”. Women travelling on their own may especially find all inclusive African safari vacations provide just that extra peace of mind.


Let’s also remember that safaris involve viewing wild animals in their natural habitat. Experienced, knowledgeable trackers with a respect and love of creatures great and small will guide you safely on bush walks and game drives.


Scenery - Wild Life and Panoramic Landscapes


While for many, seeing the "Big 5” (African lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo) is top priority, South Africa offers many points of geographical interest. Venturing south through Kruger National Park to Mpumalanga takes you to truly breathtaking scenery, such as the dramatic jutting cliffs of one of the world’s largest -- and lushly green -- canyons, the Blyde River Canyon. There are also the majestic Berlin Falls and Lisbon Falls, named after European miners who sought gold within the Falls’ reddish rock faces. No wonder Mpumalanga is Zulu for "the place where the sun rises”. Many travel providers call Mpumalanga the "panorama route” for good reason.




When travelling to an exotic vacation spot, consult a travel provider that specializes in that area and is registered as an authorized seller of travel. With an itinerary honed by years of experience as well as regular customer feedback ensures travel that is illuminating and worry-free, making all inclusive African safari vacations a dream vacation come true.

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Kruger National Park

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