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Want to see animals and natural beauty you thought only existed in zoos and National Geographic? African safari tour operators will guide you through some of the most unforgettable regions of South Africa showcasing its unusual beauty and wildlife.

South Africa is one of Africa’s top safari destinations complete with superb wildlife and luxurious accommodations from award-winning lodges to countryside estates. A tour-friendly destination, South Africa’s most famous wilderness lies in Kruger National Park—a world-renowned site for some of the best safaris on the African continent.


From kudus to impalas to waterbucks and rhinos, the species roaming the South African land are diverse and interesting. There is nothing more thrilling than crossing paths with a massive elephant or a giraffe while in an off-road safari vehicle. African safari tour operators offer excursions almost all year round with top quality guides.


What to Expect


You will see all sorts of animals in the wild—that is what a safari is all about. But you will be even closer than you ever imagined—sometimes only a few feet away from elephants, zebras, lions, hippos and other exotic wildlife.


So much more than a travel adventure, a safari to South Africa is a life experience. African safari tour operators combine luxury lodge travel with the sounds of the wild in the distance. Game drives are part of the package and each day on a safari is new and exciting making the most of every minute and you can anticipate the following:

  • Guided walks;
  • Majestic archaeological sites;
  • Bushman rock paintings; and
  • Vast herds wandering the plains, with predators lying in wait.

Visitors never leave disappointed on a South African safari.


Just because you are in the middle of the desert doesn’t mean you will be roughing it. The accommodations afford supreme privacy, luxury, service and cuisines. Chefs will source locally grown food, making the culinary experience on a safari truly gourmet.

The level of extravagance in the bush will shock you and no comfort will be spared. Safari goers generally travel to South Africa for the love of the wildlife, but return home in love with the people.

Get A Taste for Safari Life


A safari holiday should be on everyone’s bucket list of life’s greatest adventures. Spending time in the sun and under the stars, coming face-to-face with Africa’s notorious animal kingdom moving free across the savannah are what make a safari holiday like no other.

African safari tour operators conform to the highest standards in the tourism industry and are members of Ontario’s travel regulator—the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). TICO protects your travel investment through:

  • Mandatory registration of all travel agencies so they follow laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring travel agencies follow strict consumer protection laws; and
  • Offering refunds if travel plans are cancelled at the last minute.

Don’t put off discovering the original source of all human life any longer. African safari tour operators will organize the ultimate experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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